I was invited to a Clubhouse clone from China, along with a few other influencer friends. We worked with the operations team to hold a room there and the result was surprising.

What happened?


China banned Clubhouse on February 8th. Existing users have to use VPNs and +86 numbers receive no verification code. Ever since Elon Musk’s debut on Clubhouse in January, it’s said 100+ teams in China started working day and night.

While some Chinese felt Clubhouse was yet another audio-based social app after YY.com, Huya, and Lizhi, I disagreed. These apps provide more like live streams of online…

In January 2019, I posted the Chinese version of this article and received more than 1 million views. Many people have been telling me that they found my story inspiring. This time I am sharing it in English and hope you enjoy reading it.

Hi everyone, here is my personal story that I long wanted to tell — about dreams, reality, and self-realization.

When I was a little girl back in China, I saw my mom using Adobe Flash to create animation at her office. It intrigued me and I memorized the steps. I made an animation on her computer…

Zhihu, a Chinese-language Q&A platform, just IPOed. While many people say it is China’s Quora, I found Zhihu unique from a content creator’s angle.

Platform Overview

Backed up by elite professionals like Bob Xu and Kai-Fu Lee, Zhihu was invite-only for its first two years. From 2016 to 2018, there was a user shift from higher to lower-end consumers and a content shift from academic to entertaining.

In college I joined Alpha Omega Epsilon, a half-social half-professional sorority for women in engineering and technical sciences. There I met a sister who later joined Google as a software engineer after graduation. She encouraged me to apply and helped me polish my resume, word by word.

She referred me, and I received an email from the staffing that says:

“We received your resume from a Googler who thinks you’d be a good match for our team. We’ll review your application carefully and will reach out within two weeks.”

I was so excited that I worked out for extra time…

Cindy X. L.

Tech influencer aka 甜菜欣欣 (70k+ Weibo, 24k+ CH), VC investor, @Google engineer, @Columbia alum. Talk startups, AI/ML, China, and creator economy.

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